Truck accident leaves Massachusetts man dead

On our blog, we often discuss truck accidents and how damaging they can be to other motor vehicles and their drivers and passengers. However, box trucks and 18-wheelers can also pose a significant threat to pedestrians, including those broken down on the side of the road. As one recent Massachusetts accident shows, a truck-pedestrian accident can be devastating.

Recently, a tow truck driver was in the breakdown lane of the Massachusetts Turnpike when he was struck and killed by a box truck. Reports indicate that the victim was loading a disabled vehicle onto the tow truck’s flat bed when the accident occurred. The victim, who was recently engaged, never had any accident or damage complaints. No charges have been filed against the box truck driver, but the truck has been impounded and the investigation continues.

Losing a loved one to an accident can blanket a family in turmoil. The mere thought of never being able to see or hear their loved one again or celebrate life’s milestones is too much for many to bear. As if that is not enough, many families find themselves struggling to cope with the financial realities of their situation. They may have extensive medical and funeral bills, and the deceased’s lost wages may leave them in a financial shortfall.

Though nothing can bring a lost love one back, there are actions surviving families can take to help alleviate their pain and stress. One action is to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the inattentive truck driver who caused the loved one’s death. Whether he or she was speeding, fatigued, or intoxicated, compensation may be recoverable it negligence can be shown to have caused the collision and thus the deceased’s passing. For many, the first step in this process is speaking with a compassionate Massachusetts attorney who will do everything he or she can to find a fair resolution.

Source: Telegram & Gazette, “Tow truck driver from Southbridge is killed on Mass. Pike in Auburn,” Craig S. Semon, Feb. 11, 2015


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