What is road rash?

As the weather starts to warm and spring arrives, many Massachusetts residents may climb back on their motorcycles and take to the road. Though fun, relaxing, and cost-effective, this mode of transportation can be dangerous, even when motorcyclists take every precaution to keep themselves safe. The unfortunate truth is that far too many motorists fail to be aware of motorcyclists, and therefore make mistakes that can cause devastating injuries like broken bones and brain injuries.

However, even seemingly minor motorcycle accident injuries can be painful and require medical care. Road rash, also known as friction burns, occurs when contact with a hard surface, like the road, scrapes skin away from an individual’s body. Typically affecting bony areas of the body, these types of injuries can be extremely painful as the torn away skin can leave a significant number of nerve endings exposed. The wound may bleed a lot and must be properly cleaned to prevent infection from taking hold.

Road rash, in addition to causing physical pain, may also cause significant scarring. This means a motorcycle accident victim may be left permanently disfigured, all due to the wrongful acts or inactions of another motorist. Add to this physical pain and suffering the medical expenses and lost wages a victim may face, and the reality of the matter may become overwhelming.

Yet, there is good news. By taking legal action, a victim may be able to recover much needed compensation to recoup damages, obtain peace of mind, and punish the errant driver who harmed him or her. Taking such action will also hopefully raise awareness of motorcycle accidents, decreasing the likelihood that other riders will have to face a similar fate.

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