Drunk driving accident leaves Massachusetts woman hurt

State and local law enforcement agencies, in conjunction with local agencies and nonprofits, work hard to curtail drunk driving in Massachusetts. Though these efforts certainly make a difference, for the foreseeable future, intoxicated drivers will continue to climb behind the wheel and take to the streets, putting other motorists and pedestrians at extreme risk of harm. As one recent car crash in nearby Winthrop highlights, these accidents can be devastating for a victim.

There, an apparently intoxicated driver struck and seriously injured a 62-year-old woman. Police indicate that the driver ran a red light and drove onto the sidewalk, hitting the pedestrian and a tree. Another motorist had noticed the drunk driver’s erratic behavior and called police, but the accident occurred before authorities could arrive. Open containers were found in the driver’s van. She has since been charged with drunk driving.

Though reports give little information about the victim, it is mentioned that she suffered serious injuries to her legs. Broken legs, couples with cuts and the potential for torn muscles and ligaments, can not only be painful, but also debilitating. Victims who suffer these types of injuries may be unable to enjoy their normal daily activities for some time, and instead must find a way to relieve their pain. Making matters worse, undeserved medical bills are often thrust upon these individuals, sometimes leaving them in a financial mess.

If this happens, it is imperative that the victim knows his or her legal rights. By speaking with a local attorney, these individuals can discover the likelihood of recovering compensation on a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent or drunk driver who harmed them. Though recovering damages cannot guarantee a full recovery of one’s health, it can help provide stability and a sense of justice.

Source: WHDH News, “Police: Driver in Winthrop crash had open containers in car,” Nicole Oliverio, March 20, 2015


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