May is national Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is national Motorcycle Awareness Month. In the spirit of the month, we want to use this week’s post to discuss motorcycle awareness, specifically the potential difficulties with seeing motorcycles on the road as well as how damaging ia motorcycle crash can be, and what can be done to increase awareness. Hopefully by doing so, Massachusetts’ motorcyclists will be safer on the road.

A driver’s unawareness of motorcycles is one of the biggest contributing factors to motorcycle accidents. There are many reasons for this. Because of their smaller size, motorcycles are more difficult to see and are often more easily blocked from view. Motorists are also ill prepared to encounter motorcyclists in their everyday driving. Cars also have blind spots that can block a driver’s view of a motorcycle, and distractions inside a vehicle’s cabin can make it relatively easy to miss a nearby biker.

When a motorist is unaware of motorcycles, he or she could cause a devastating crash in a matter of moments. Whether one fails to yield to a biker, changes lanes into him or her, or rear-ends a motorcyclist, an unaware and thus negligent driver can seriously injure or even kill a biker. Those who are fortunate enough to survive such an ordeal may have to deal with broken bones and the potential for permanent disability.

Education may be the key to reducing motorcycle unawareness. Yet, this often involves policy changes at the state level that require increased educational standards and changes to driver’s license testing. Until these changes can be made adequately, motorcyclists will continue to be hurt. These victims should consider taking legal action in an attempt to impose liability on the negligent driver who harmed them. By doing so, they may be able to recover compensation and force others to recognize the dangers of being unaware of motorcyclists.

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