How can a facial fracture affect me after a motorcycle accident?

If you are a motorcyclist, then you know the benefits of riding on Massachusetts’ roadways. You might do it for sport, relaxation, or as a cost efficient way to get to work or school. Regardless of why you ride your bike, it can truly be an enjoyable experience. However, the small size of motorcycles and the fact that they have fewer safety features than cars can leave you vulnerable in an accident. Though motorcyclists themselves can cause accidents, far too often these wrecks are caused by negligent drivers, and the injuries can vary in type and degree.

Let us look at facial fractures as an example. When medical professionals classify these injuries, they often look at several factors. First, doctors have to determine where the fracture is on the face. Facial fractures can affect the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or the cheek bones. Then, they have to consider whether the fracture is a thin line, the skull bone is crushed, or if the skull bone is splintered. Medical professionals also have to assess if the fracture has broken the victim’s skin.

Though some facial fractures may cause swelling, pain, headaches, bleeding, bruising, eye problems, hearing loss, and tingling in the face, if severe enough the injury can cause brain injury. Symptoms of brain injury include vomiting, seizures, confusion, loss of consciousness, and paralysis of the limbs. If you experience any of these symptoms after a motorcycle accident, then you need to get to a doctor as quickly as possible.

A motorcycle crash can cause a whole host of injuries, from road rash to broken bones and brain injuries. Recovering from these harms can take time, patience, and a lot of money. If you are trying to recoup after an accident caused by a negligent driver, your anger may be too much to handle. But, if you have suffered damages caused by another, then you may be able to file a lawsuit and recover compensation.

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