Massachusetts scaffolding accident leads to OSHA investigation

With the day-in, day-out routines Massachusetts residents regularly find ourselves in, they rarely, if ever, fully consider the dangers present around them. This is true whether we are driving, working or enjoying a nice meal out. Most of the time, our days conclude without incident. Sometimes though, negligence on the part of others cause serious accidents that leave Massachusetts’ residents severely harmed.

One of these accidents occurred recently at a worksite in Sandwich. There, two workers who were performing their duties above the roadway fell approximately 30 feet. Both men were taken to the hospital with injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is now stepping in to investigate what could turn out to be safety violations. The investigation could take weeks, but hopefully the results of that investigation will help shed light on what, exactly went wrong.

Far too many workers across our state are subjected to dangerous working condition and, subsequently, are injured on the job. When this happens, a victim can be left in a dire situation. He or she may have trouble paying for needed medical care, missed work could cause missed wages and the financial burden of it all can make survival difficult.

Nonetheless, those who have been injured in a workplace accident do not have to sit and despair. They can be proactive and seek to recover compensation through the workers’ compensation system.

An experienced Massachusetts attorney may be able to help with this process, guiding a victim through the initial claim process and, if necessary, the appeal process. Hopefully, with sound legal arguments on his or her side, a victim can recover the financial resources he or she needs to find the financial stability he or she deserves.

Source: Cape Cod Times, “OSHA looking into Sandwich scaffolding incident,” Madeleine List, Sept. 23, 2015


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