Surgical errors may be more common than we think

Nowadays, advanced medical knowledge and technologies are quickly revolutionizing the healthcare field. Medications may be more likely to reduce the symptoms of illness or cure certain conditions, doctors may be more readily able to identify and treat disease, and surgical procedures may be more effective. Yet, despite these advances, negligence is still far too prevalent across all areas of healthcare.

Amongst those is medical procedures, where every year thousands of people are injured or killed due to mistakes. The statistics regarding this area are startling. According to studies, there are about 3.4 accidental punctures or lacerations per every 1,000 hospital patients. Also, in a two year span, more than 189,000 people were killed as a result of surgical mistakes or complications.

Surgical errors themselves can take many shapes. They can be accidental punctures or lacerations, but they can also occur when a medical team leaves a foreign object inside a patient’s body, they operate on the wrong body part or they operate beyond the patient’s consent. Regardless of the type of mistake, however, those harmed by an error during a procedure can face significant harm in the form of pain and suffering, lost wages, additional medical expenses and, perhaps, disfigurement.

One of the best ways to hold these negligent medical professionals accountable is to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against them. If successful, not only will liability be imposed and the negligent parties may be financially punished, but monetary awards may be acquired by the victim. This compensation can help ease the recovery process and allow him or her to focus on reclaiming his or her health and moving forward with the knowledge that, hopefully, those medical professionals will be more careful in the future.

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