Sewage plant explosion leaves five workers injured

Many of us don’t realize it, but our jobs may put us at risk of harm. Even those who are employed in positions with relatively low risk of harm, such as office jobs, can succumb to injuries. When this harm is suffered on the job, victims may be left struggling to make ends meet. They might need extensive, and costly, medical attention, and they may be unable to work, meaning their income will be cut. Although this can certainly be a scary and stressful time, those who suffer workplace injuries should take comfort knowing that the workers’ compensation system may be there to help them find financial stability.

Five Massachusetts workers may need to turn to that system now after they were injured in an explosion at a sewage plant. According to reports, the fire occurred in an air scrubber several stories underground. Due to its location and the amount of insulation in the area, the fire was difficult to reach. However, for a reason unknown at this time, an explosion occurred, causing the five victims to be injured and requiring them to be taken to the hospital.

At a time of significant pain and suffering, those injured on the job may not be focused on recovering their lost wages and medical expenses. However, failing to address the matter can lead to financial hardship. It can be crucial to seek workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible. Doing so may lead to the recovery of compensation, allowing a victim to acquire the medical attention that is needed to recover.

The workers’ compensation system can be tricky to navigate, particularly because it is complicated by laws and regulations. It might be useful for Massachusetts residents to get more information regarding workers’ compensation.

Source: CBS Boston, “5 Workers Taken To Hospital After Small Explosion, Fire At Quincy Sewage Plant,” Jan. 25, 2015


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