Massachusetts chemical fire injures worker

Most of us go to work every day without much thought about the risks posed by our jobs. There are some in Massachusetts, however, who are well aware of the dangers and, despite this knowledge, put their safety on the line for their employers. Although there are a multitude of rules and regulations to address workplace safety, accidents still occur. Sometimes they are caused by pure accidental circumstances, while other times they are caused by an employer’s negligence. Either way, those who suffer on the job injuries can be in for a long road to recovery.

One Massachusetts worker is in this situation now after being burned while working at a chemical plant. According to reports, the man worked in a mixing room where flammable solutions were used to make solutions such as sealant and lacquers. The employee was taken to the hospital with burns to his face, but they are not expected to be life-threatening. It is unclear at this time what caused the fire, but what is clear is that the victim did not deserve what happened to him.

And his difficulties may be just beginning. In instances like this, injured workers are often left not only with serious pain and suffering, but also an inability to work and extensive medical expenses. These lost wages and financial obligations, paired with the pain and stress of their situation, can be totally overwhelming.

There is good news, though. Those who have suffered workplace injuries may be able to recover compensation for their damages via the workers’ compensation program. However, the program, while beneficial, is not without its challenges.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Employee injured in two-alarm fire at chemical plant in Norfolk,” Olivia Arnold, April 14, 2016


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