Motorcycle accidents in Massachusetts

Many Massachusetts residents are pulling out their motorcycles and taking to the road now that spring has arrived. For many, this is fun, relaxing and even exhilarating. But, even for those who operate their motorcycles in a safe fashion, a negligent driver who suffers from motorcycle unawareness can cause a devastating, even deadly accident.

One reason these accidents can be so severe is because motorcycles lack the standard safety features found in cars and trucks. There is no roof, no door beams and no air bags. Additionally, passenger vehicles weigh much more than a motorcycle, increasing the energy at impact. This also means that passenger vehicles are easier to see whereas a motorcyclist may be overlooked.

Many claim that a significant number of motorcycle accidents are caused by inexperienced and intoxicated motorcyclists. Yet, even those motorcyclists who may be contributorily negligent may be able to recover compensation from the driver who was most at fault for causing the accident. This can complicate a case, however, which is why it is often important for motorcycle accident victims to get more information to prepare a case that leaves them in a position to potentially recover compensation.

In the end, Massachusetts residents who are injured in motorcycle accidents often have a long road to recovery. The physical, emotional and financial losses can be quite significant. However, by succeeding on a personal injury claim, a victim may be able to recover the compensation that is needed to pay medical expenses and recoup lost wages.

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