Medical malpractice: how can hypoxia cause a birth injury?

If you are expecting a child, then you may be excited for the journey that awaits you. There is often great anticipation throughout the pregnancy. However, many expecting parents in Massachusetts find themselves concerned about their child’s health. This is normal. And while most babies are delivered without any problems arising, sometimes medical mistakes are made that leave newborns with serious birth injuries. Sometimes these birth injuries prove fatal.

One of the most dangerous conditions upon birth is hypoxia. Hypoxia occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen. A baby can suffer hypoxia at any point during the birthing process, and it can lead to significant brain injury. Children who suffer from hypoxia and a resulting brain injury may grow up with cerebral palsy, cognitive difficulties and other conditions that can make living a normal life difficult.

In many instances, hypoxia can be stopped before the brain is damaged beyond repair. However, this requires swift action by your doctor. He or she must be able to recognize the cause of hypoxia and take steps to reverse it. If a medical professional fails to identify hypoxia or treat it properly and your child is hurt as a result, then you may want to determine if you have a claim for medical malpractice.

Winning on such a claim may mean that you and your family may be awarded compensation for damages that you have suffered. Proving doctor negligence can be tough, though. You will need to show that the doctor failed to live up to the applicable standard of care, which resulted in your child’s injuries. This may require close analysis of evidence, raising evidentiary objections and effectively questioning witnesses, which may include medical experts. If you feel like you need help initiating, negotiating or litigating a medical malpractice claim, then you may want to consider seeking out help from a legal professional.

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