Are you a victim of compounding pharmacy errors?

One of the great advances of modern medicine is the ability to access personalized medications, formulated and packaged specifically for you an your needs. The possibilities inherent in this type of individualized treatment can be life-giving for thousands of patients worldwide who have very specific needs and weaknesses.

Unfortunately, compounding pharmacies, which specialize in formulating personalized treatments for patients, are sometimes ground zero for devastating illnesses and injuries to the very patients they serve. Whether because of contamination in the process or improperly formulated products, compounding pharmacies present both a great opportunity and threat to people that need them the most.

Designer therapy can be designer injury

If you are a person with particular therapy needs, it can be devastating to learn that the treatments that were made to heal you specifically may have been the things that have done you further harm.

Compounding pharmacies are an innately personal enterprise, which can make their mistakes and the harm they bring feel personal, too – as if a friend had come over to help you paint your living room and then started a fire in your home instead.

Don’t wait for others to suffer before you seek justice

Here in Massachusetts, we know all too well how a compounding pharmacy can be ground zero for the harm of many patients seeking personalized treatment. While the fungal meningitis outbreak originating in one of our state’s compounding pharmacies several years ago did lead to stricter penalties at the state level, the industry as a whole still enjoys very little regulation from the FDA.

The reality of the matter is that by the time a regulatory agency gets around to enacting sufficient safety measures or a state punishes a pharmacy responsible for your injury, it may too late – not only for you and your injuries, but also for the many others who may have also been harmed because no one stood up for justice when injury was occurring.

By seeking justice for your own injuries, you are also potentially protecting other patients who may be harmed if no one speaks up and bringing attention to a possibly widespread problem.

Designer injuries deserve designer justice

Compounding pharmacies are founded with the understanding that no two patients have exactly the same needs. Likewise, no two victims of compounding pharmacy errors will have suffered exactly the same injuries or deserve exactly the same forms of justice and remedy. A qualified, understanding attorney with years of experience pursuing personalized justice has the tools to ensure that your losses are not treated as just another claim in a sea of injuries.

If you have been injured because of a mistake on the part of a compounding pharmacy, enlisting the help of the right attorney with a passion for personal justice can help put you on a path to true recovery.


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