Poor driving in dangerous conditions can cause truck accidents

This time of year, Massachusetts roads can become treacherous. Snow and ice, as well as rain-soaked, pavement can cause extremely dangerous driving conditions. Most motorists know that they have to slow down and take extra precautions when driving in these conditions, but far too many others fail to drive safely, putting themselves and others at risk. In these instances, a serious accident can occur, resulting in extreme harm to those involved.

This can be especially true when semi-trucks are involved. These weighty vehicles can become uncontrollable objects of death and destruction when they lose their grip on the road. In an effort to prevent serious truck accidents from occurring, the federal government enacted a regulation addressing driving in dangerous conditions.

Under that regulation, commercial vehicles must be driver with extreme caution, which more than likely will include reducing speed. These measures should be taken when snow, ice, rain, fog, mist or even smoke is present on the roadway. If the dangerous conditions are extreme, then a trucker is required to stop until the conditions have sufficiently improved. If a trucker fails to adhere to these regulations and an accident occurs, any victims may be able to pursue legal action against the trucker and the truck company for which he or she works.

A personal injury claim for these types of accidents may be hotly contested. “Extreme caution” may be difficult to define, thus making it an issue during negotiation and litigation. However, if successful on one of these claims, compensation may be awarded to help cover damages such as medical expenses, lost wages and disfigurement. Those who wish to learn more about how to pursue legal action against a negligent trucker and the company for which he or she works should consider consulting with a legal professional.

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