Massachusetts firm imposing medical malpractice liability

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed the diagnosis of brain tumors and how a failure to diagnose them can result in tragic consequences. Although a missed brain tumor can result in a worsened medical condition or even death, the same can hold true of any misdiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed illness. When these situations arise and unsuspecting patients suffer harm, they can be left in a dire situation. Their physical pain and suffering, in additional to financial losses, can take quite a toll and leave victims not knowing where to turn for help.

The good news is that these individuals may have legal options available to them to seek compensation for their damages. In order to impose liability and recover these monies, though, victims must be able to prove several legal elements. Amongst these are that the medical professional in question owed them a duty of care, that duty of care was breached and that breach of care caused the victim’s compensable injuries. Many medical malpractice victims find that having the assistance of a skilled legal advocate increases their chances of succeeding on these claims.

At the Law Office of Colonna & Doyle, our priority is recovering the financial resources our clients need to be able to pay off their medical expenses, recoup their lost wages and find the general financial stability they need to allow them to focus on their health and their family. We also know that medical malpractice victims want to feel that justice has been served, so we aggressively seek to show how negligent medical professionals have wronged our clients.

Our team of dedicated legal professionals, who hold decades of legal experience, know how to get results. Whether a victim wants to try to reach a settlement through negotiations, or he or she wants to take the matter to trial, we diligently prepare to give them the strong legal voice they need. We know, though, that results are everything to a medical malpractice victim, which is why we take tremendous pride in our history of success.


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