Restaurant negligence can be recipe for disaster

If you’re one of many busy Massachusetts residents, you may not get many opportunities to dine out with loved ones or friends. When you’re finally able to break away for a bit of rest and relaxation, you may anticipate visiting your favorite local restaurant as eagerly as children await Christmas morning. On the other hand, rather than stick within your usual traditions, you may decide to try a new restaurant you’ve been hearing about at work.

Either way, a night out on the town is often the perfect respite in an otherwise busy week. There aren’t typically many risks involved with dining out, unless you count the obvious risks of traveling by motor vehicle to get to a particular restaurant. However, there may actually be several safety risks associated with eating away from home that you may overlook in your eagerness to enjoy a special occasion.

What to do if your food makes you sick

In addition to injuries that may occur if a waiter drops a hot plate of food in your lap, or you trip over an electrical cord on the way to the restroom, another potential danger regarding restaurant dining is food poisoning. Following, are signs that you may be suffering from food poisoning as well as information regarding recommended treatment:

  • If you experience severe stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea sometime after eating a particular food, you may have food poisoning.
  • For those suffering possible food poisoning, it’s typically best to avoid solid foods, at least until vomiting and diarrhea have ceased.
  • On the other hand, it’s crucial to drink water (although small sips each are recommended over guzzling) to counteract dehydration.
  • There are other rehydration solutions that your doctor may wish to implement if your vomiting or diarrhea continues more than a full day.

If you experience fever, prolonged stomachache or notice blood in your stools, it is generally recommended that you contact your doctor, especially if such symptoms are present for several days. Beyond that, if you believe it was the food at the restaurant you visited that made you ill, you make wish to take further action to address the situation.

Many people in Massachusetts who suffer injury due to restaurant owners’ negligence choose to seek justice against those deemed responsible. It’s important to gather as much evidence as possible if you plan to take formal measures against the party or parties identified as potentially liable.


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