You don’t have to appeal a workers’ comp denial alone

Some workplace accidents leave scars and injuries that are visible to the world, making them easier to link to an accident in the workplace and recover compensation for. Others, however, develop over time or are more psychological rather than physical, making it harder to file a claim or receive compensation for them. Whether a workers’ compensation claim for a physical or psychological injury or illness is denied, it is important to remember that appealing the denial is an option that must be availed as soon as possible, as mentioned in last week’s post.

Going up against one’s employer or a huge insurance company can prove to be daunting for an injured Massachusetts’ resident, especially as they are trying to recover quickly enough to return to their workspace. Injured employees may be afraid of retaliation, which may be another reason they decide they do not want to push the issue. However, it is a worker’s right to work in a space free of hazards and file a workers’ compensation claim without fear of retaliation.

The rules related to receiving compensation are often complicated and overwhelm someone already suffering emotionally and physically. In these instances, it is beneficial to have someone skilled and knowledgeable in workers’ compensation law on one’s side. Lawyers at our firm use their extensive experience in their client’s favor to get them the compensation they deserve.

We investigate the claim, assess the benefits that are compensable and fight for our client’s rights in all types of work accidents. We keep our clients abreast of progress and try to paint a realistic picture for them, effectively guiding them through the process so they are not overwhelmed by it.

For more on workers’ compensation, visit our page. While it might be a difficult situation to process, harmed employees need to understand and assert their rights. Ensuring this is timely done will also ensure that benefits you are entitled to are received.


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