Multiple vehicles involved in fatal motorcycle accident

Conditions on Massachusetts roads can change in a heartbeat and when drivers are careful and cautious accidents can often be avoided. Unfortunately, in some cases serious and even deadly collisions occur despite the best efforts of some involved. Recently a fatal accident occurred in Waymouth and a Massachusetts motorcyclist lost their life.

The serious incident occurred on Route 18 and involved at least three vehicles. Law enforcement officials reported that, in addition to the motorcycle, a tractor-trailer and a minivan were part of the accident. However, only the motorcyclist was killed in the severe collision.

As accident investigators piece together the facts of the case there may be more information on how and why this tragedy occurred. Often, though, motorcyclists are the victims of serious traffic incidents due to the small size of their vehicles and the inattention of other drivers.

Vehicle drivers can lose motorcycles in their blind spots, can misjudge the proximity of a motorcycle to their car, or can simply fail to yield to a motorcycle when they encounter one on the road. All of these and many other dangerous driving practices can make operating a motorcycle a perilous activity.

Motorcycle accident victims have rights and deserve to pursue the losses that they sustain when others cause them injuries and harm. In this tragedy, though, the surviving family members of the deceased motorcyclist may have wrongful death claims to pursue. Wrongful death claims are based on the death of a victim due to the negligence of another party, and if one or both of the other drivers involved in this crash cause the incident to occur then the loved ones of the victim may have grounds to pursue their claims.

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