How can liquor liability affect your case?

If you suffered injuries in a drunk driving accident, you may know that you have the right to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. However, you would be wise to consider all potential liable parties that you could name in your claim. It is possible that liquor liability could have a significant role in your case and your attempt to obtain compensation. 

Massachusetts laws allow for victims of drunk driving accidents to seek recompense under both social liability laws and dram shop laws. These may allow you to hold liable parties accountable for over-serving individuals at bars or restaurants who then cause harm after getting behind the wheel. Social host or dram shop liability could play a crucial role in your case.

What does social host liability mean anyway?

Social host liability is very similar to dram shop liability. This means that at a party or any type of social gathering, a person who continued to serve an individual who was obviously intoxicated could be liable for damages caused by that individual when or she left the gathering. Essentially, if a person allowed or encouraged another person to drink to the point or past the point of intoxication, he or she could be responsible for financial damages resulting from an accident.

In the immediate aftermath of a drunk driving accident, it is difficult to know if someone over-served the driver or allowed him or her to drive drunk. However, an in depth investigation of your case could reveal if social host and dram shop liability could come into play. Here is what you need to know about social host liability:

  • You may name the social host, who is the person who served the alcohol, as a liable party in your claim if he or she knew the individual who caused your accident was drunk.
  • If social host liability pertains to your case, the social host could be financially liable for both injuries and property damages from a drunk driving accident.
  • A social host could be a waiter or waitress, bartender, party host and others who were serving alcohol in a social setting.

When someone continues to serve a visibly and obviously drunk person, serious consequences can follow. In these cases, it is appropriate to hold that person accountable for what happened to you. Understanding social host liability is complex, but with experienced guidance, you can build a claim that suits your unique needs and allows you to seek the amount of compensation you deserve.


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