Building a strong claim for nursing home abuse victims

It is disheartening and frustrating to learn that a loved one may have experienced mistreatment while staying at a Massachusetts nursing home. If you suspect abuse or neglect of any kind, you may want to take legal action, but you may not know what to do next. Building a claim for nursing home abuse or negligence is not an easy process, but it is not something you have to do alone.

If your loved one experienced physical, emotional or financial harm at the hands of a nursing home, you may take action on his or her behalf. It may be possible to secure financial compensation and damages by filing a personal injury claim. 

What kind of damages should I seek?

The types of damages that you should seek through your personal injury claim will depend on the nature of your individual case and the type of harm suffered by your loved one. Depending on the circumstances, it may be appropriate for you to seek damages related to the following:

  • Future medical care
  • Pain and suffering from ongoing physical injuries
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Harm caused by physical immobilization
  • Recovery of medical expenses
  • Restitution for ongoing care needs

As you take the initial steps in the civil claims process, you would be wise to seek an evaluation of your case in order to build a claim uniquely tailored to the needs of your loved one.

What happens if my loved one died?

Unfortunately, mistreatment experienced in a nursing home could lead to the death of a resident. If your loved one died, you may still be able to seek compensation from the liable parties for his or her untimely death. As a survivor, you may be able to seek recovery of damages related to the following:

  • Loss of a parent figure
  • Loss of consortium
  • Mental anguish and emotional duress
  • Expenses spent on the funeral and end-of-life care
  • Loss of companionship

As a grieving loved one, it may feel like there is nothing you can do. While it is impossible to reverse what you went through, you still have the right to seek the support you need to move forward after this tragedy.

Whether you lost a loved one because of nursing home negligence or you are speaking on behalf of a family member who experienced mistreatment in his or her care facility, you do not have to do it alone. With experienced guidance, you may be able to hold the right parties to account and secure the compensation you and your family deserves.


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