Don’t hurriedly settle a workers’ comp claim without legal help

When one is injured on the job, the last thing they may want to do is hold their employer accountable through a workers’ compensation claim. However, most employees do not realize they are barred from filing any other form of claim against their employer and, as a result, may give up their right to get the compensation they legally deserve for an injury they have sustained while performing their jobs. On the other side, rather than file a claim, an accident victim may find it easier and be more relieved if offered a settlement and may end up getting less compensation than they deserve and need in the long run.

Many accident victims do not realize their injuries do not manifest themselves immediately-some take time to form and appear. As a result, one does not factor them into their calculations and ends up paying from the pocket for something that could have been claimed at the time.

Lawyers at our firm have around 100 years of combined experience in protecting their clients’ rights throughout Massachusetts. Regardless of the type of injury, we work with our clients, afford them easy access to us and explain our system and the workers’ compensation system to them so they remain informed throughout the process. Additionally, we provide a realistic picture as to the possible outcomes and then work dedicatedly and diligently to achieve them.

A workplace accident demands that the accident victim’s rights be protected and it is essential to pursue the claim in a timely manner, as the right to file may extinguish. To understand and avail these rights, visit our page.


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