Construction site fall injures two

Though some workplaces are definitely more dangerous than others, this does not mean that an employer is excused from their obligation of removing hazards and minimizing risks in that place. Even where it is not possible to remove all possible dangers, employers need to take steps to educate their workers about them and train them as to how to avoid them. This is the employer’s duty. The employer must create a safe working environment and when this duty is neglected, a workplace accident that could lead to serious workplace injuries is often the result.

Officials recently alerted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration about a technical rescue they performed in Massachusetts at a prestigious university’s construction site. Firefighters were called to the scene where two workers fell around 20 feet. According to officials, the workers were working on the fifth floor when the scaffolding collapsed.

A construction accident, or any workplace accident, that results in injuries, requires medical assistance and usually, time off from work. Most employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance to cover these costs to ensure injured workers can recoup their costs, without fear of going through litigation and proving their employer’s role in their injury.

Even though it sounds straightforward, the reality is that employers and insurers may dispute workers’ compensation claims for various reasons. As a result, injured workers are left without any recourse or monetary assistance.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is an injured employee’s right, and one they should claim in a timely manner. It might help to consult an experienced attorney to prove one’s injury and treatment and have claim become successful as soon as possible.


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