Construction site accidents increase in summer months

Many construction projects get underway during the summer in Massachusetts, including those to improve the roadways. Generally, the signs illuminating work zones are quite obvious-drivers are advised to slow their speeds and given various directions through different signage and these measures are taken not just for the safety of the drivers but also for the construction workers. Unfortunately, when the warnings are not taken seriously, construction workers can get injured in a construction site accident.

According to the Department of Transportation, crashes in work zones have increased 7.8 percent between 2014 and 2015. In 2015, a work zone crash took place every 5.4 minutes, 70 work zone crashes resulted in at least one injury in a day and in a week there was one fatality for every 12 crashes. The fatal crashes seemed to take place more in the summer months and 65 percent of them took place during the daytime.

One hundred and nineteen workers died in road construction site accidents in 2014, with the primary reason for the fatalities being attributed to getting run over or backed over by vehicles, most often dump trucks and construction vehicles. The second most common cause for worksite accidents was of worker collisions with vehicles or mobile equipment. The third most common reason was getting stuck or caught between construction equipment and objects.

Proper training, protective gear and warning signage can go a long way in avoiding these types of workplace accidents that result in fatalities or injuries. it is an employer’s duty to ensure they provide this to workers and when their failure to do so leads to an accident, it might be possible to get workers’ compensation from an employer.


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