We help with misdiagnosis and other acts of medical malpractice

While everybody makes mistakes, some people’s mistakes have more ramifications than others. A doctor’s mistake can be severe if a patient is injured or killed as a result of it. While doctors are not expected to be perfect, they are expected to perform up to a minimum standard of care. If they do not, and a patient is injured as a result, then the patient or their family may have a cause of action against the doctor for medical malpractice.

A little while ago, we told you about the most common kind of mistake that gives rise to a malpractice claim. That common kind of mistake is misdiagnosis. An insurance company found that a full 46 percent of malpractice claims were the result of misdiagnosis. Other studies have found similar results. While not all cases of misdiagnosis are problematic, many cases are problematic indeed.

Strong legal representation can be helpful to people who feel they have been wronged by a doctor’s mistake. The medical malpractice lawyers at the Law Office of Colonna & Doyle have many years of experience with helping clients with their claims against doctors, hospitals and other defendants. In addition to misdiagnosis, harmful medical mistakes can include birth injuries and C-section complications. They can also include botched operations in the areas of breast surgery, plastic surgery, gastric bypass surgery and more.

When a patient in Massachusetts believes they have suffered an injury because of a doctor’s mistake, the clock is ticking. Plaintiffs have three years to bring claims, otherwise the claims may be forfeited forever. We stand ready to speak to those victimized by medical mistakes and we can be reached by phone or email. For more information on the services we provide, see the medical malpractice page on our website.


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