Massachusetts drivers need to slow down, watch for children

Spring is in the air in Massachusetts, and while it is a season many people enjoy, it is also a time for drivers to take extra care on the roads. While the spring weather may not present the same driving challenges of winter, the large number of children playing outdoors demands that drivers exercise caution and stay alert on residential streets in order to avoid a car accident.

In one recent incident, a young child was hit by a driver in Dorchester, sustaining serious injuries. Responders gave the boy CPR, and he was taken by ambulance to Boston Medical Center. The driver remained at the scene after the accident, and has not been charged by police since the accident.

The street where this accident occurred is home to many families with children who play outside during the warmer months, yet neighbors complain that drivers nevertheless go too fast down their narrow street. This scenario is unfortunately all-too-common in city neighborhoods throughout Massachusetts. Negligent drivers who do not reduce their speed or who do not pay close enough attention to their surroundings can cause an accident, injury or even worse. This may lead to liability.

The driver in this case acted appropriately by waiting at the scene and cooperating with police. Many negligent drivers panic after causing an accident or injury and flee. A hit and run accident not only exposes a driver to criminal charges, but it leaves the victim and family members with additional challenges in obtaining compensation for their medical expenses to which they may be legally entitled.

Source:, “Five-year-old hit by car in Dorchester,” Travis Anderson, May 20, 2012


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