Car crash leaves pregnant mother dead, 2-year-old hospitalized

Some of our Massachusetts readers may have heard by now about the fatal hit and run accident that occurred in Springfield, just two hours southwest of Salem. The car accident left a 19-year-old pregnant mother dead, and her two-year-old daughter in intensive care.

According to the report, the young mother was pushing her toddler in a stroller, and when she went to cross the street she was struck by the suspect’s car. The driver then fled the scene, and unfortunately the mother was then struck by a second car, whose driver is not being held for any criminal charges.

Tragedies like this can leave a community, or even an entire state, in shock. Many wonder how someone could be capable of causing such serious injury, and then just leaving the scene. Thankfully, the police have arrested the suspect, a 35-year-old Springfield resident. This man is now facing a slew of criminal charges, including motor vehicle homicide. Although there was no initial report as to whether alcohol, drugs or texting and driving was involved, many will probably assume that this man had to have been negligent in some manner to have caused such a horrific car crash. Distracted drivers are causing more accidents every day it seems, and some type of distraction may have played a part in this wreck. A thorough accident investigation will hopefully provide more details.

Although our readers are surely hoping for the best for the young 2-year-old girl, she will still face a life without her mother due to this one negligent driver. When the time comes, a civil suit is sure to follow, as this young girl will be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, as well as compensation for the medical expenses incurred in the car wreck.

Source:, “Arrest in crash that killed stroller-pushing mom,” July 30, 2012


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