Multi-car accident in Merrimack Valley injures one

While driving may be a convenient and efficient mode of transportation, it can also be a dangerous one. Add in other factors, such as high traffic during rush hour, and stressed, distracted or tired drivers, and driving home from work can all-too-easily turn into prime-time for a car accident.

Recently, one person was injured in a three-car accident in the Merrimack Valley area. The crash happened at just after 6:30 in the evening. The driver of a Honda traveling northbound crossed the double yellow line into southbound traffic, crashing into another vehicle. Then another car crashed into the first. One driver was treated at a local hospital for her injuries, while the other two drivers did not sustain injuries, according to reports. Two of the three cars were severely damaged. Police are conducting an accident investigation.

Drivers are generally required to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances when on the road. A failure to use reasonable care, such as by speeding, disobeying traffic signals or failing to use turn signals, can constitute negligence, thus opening the driver to potential liability if the driver’s negligence caused another’s injuries. Car accidents can also be caused by other actions, including reckless driving or drunk driving. A driver who is found negligent may be required to pay monetary damages for harm to either another person or to personal property.

Drivers should use caution and follow the rules of the road at all times, but particularly during times when traffic is heavy or during rush hour, when drivers can become more easily distracted or tired. By paying careful attention to the road and minimizing potential distractions, many accidents and the possible injuries associated with them, may be avoided.

Source:, “1 injured in 3-car accident Tuesday,” Bill Kirk, Jan. 10, 2013


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