MA drunk driver causes car accident that injures two

A car accident in Attleboro has left two injured and one facing DUI charges. Police say the accused 20-year old texted a friend saying she was drunk, then climbed behind the wheel. Later, the accused moved her car onto the wrong side of the road and slammed head-on into an oncoming vehicle. The two occupants of the second vehicle suffered broken bones. Police claim the wrong-way driver had a blood alcohol content level twice the legal limit.

Though many car accidents are minor fender benders which only cause property damage, others can leave people with a serious injury and financial hardship. One victim in the Attleboro accident, for example, stated the pain in his arm still has not gone away. His injury may leave him with life-long pain. Additionally, the driver of the second car is now left without her vehicle and is unable to get to work. These physical, financial and emotional pains suffered as a result of a car accident can take a heavy toll.

The good news for these victims is they have options to recover their damages. By filing a lawsuit against a drunk driver, the victims can seek to recover compensation. Proving the negligent driver was drunk will satisfy the negligence requirement. Then, the plaintiffs must prove the negligence caused the victims’ injuries. In the Attleboro case, these elements are likely to be established.

Once a personal injury case is won a victim may obtain compensation. This money can then be used to pay off the expensive medical care received, cover any wages lost because of missed work, ease any pain and suffering felt as a result of the car crash, and help pay for a new vehicle.

The sad reality is that drunk drivers will be present on the road for the foreseeable future. Yet, by bringing horrific accidents to light, victims can raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. Perhaps then those who drink will think twice before climbing behind the wheel.

Source: New York Daily News, “Massachusetts woman sends ‘I’m drunk’ text before injuring two in accident,” Carol Kuruvilla, Jun. 4, 2013


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