Salem hit-and-run kills elderly woman

Living in a time when people commute to work, school, family, and social gatherings, many Massachusetts residents live on busy roads. This single fact can make crossing the road very dangerous. This danger is amplified when a negligent driver, who may be inattentive or impaired, barrels down the road. A sad accident in Salem shows just how tragic these circumstances can be for pedestrians.

An elderly woman was recently killed when she was hit while trying to cross the road. According to reports, the woman was trying to discard some weeds from her garden when a driver slammed into her. The driver fled the scene and is currently being sought by police. Police say the accident occurred on a busy road with a posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour.

A tragic death like this leaves a family heartbroken. This elderly woman’s family will never be able to help her in the garden, have evening chats, or talk to her on the phone again. The emotional pain that springs from these absences can be magnified when the family has to deal with expenses arising from the accident. The family may have to cope with the loss of their loved one while at the same time trying to find money to pay for medical expenses and funeral costs.

Fortunately, these grieving families have options. Perhaps the best option is to obtain an attorney who will fight to get the family the compensation they deserve. Once the hit-and-run driver is caught, the family can file a lawsuit against him in an attempt to obtain awards for their damages. To win the case, a surviving family member must prove negligence, and that the negligence caused the deceased’s death. Negligence can be established by showing the driver was speeding, drunk, or inattentive.

Once a family wins a car accident case, compensation can be obtained to cover several costs. Amongst these are medical expenses, funeral costs, and any pain and suffering felt by the deceased before passing. Then, the family can divert their attention to where it should be: remembering their lost loved one.

Source: The Salem News, “Police search for hit-run driver,” Jonathan Phelps, Jul. 2, 2013


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