Hit-and-run accident leaves MA woman in critical condition

When people think of car accidents they often think of two or more cars slamming into each other. However, there is another type of accident that may cause more physical harm than any other: the pedestrian accident. A pedestrian is defenseless against a moving vehicle and many times is completely blindsided by the car, leaving the pedestrian no time to move out of the way. A recent hit and run in Peabody shows just how deadly these incidents can be for those simply trying to cross the street.

A woman has been arrested and charged with a hit-and-run accident that has left a 75 year old woman in critical condition. Police state the victim was crossing the street when the driver slammed into her, bouncing her off the vehicle’s hood. The driver fled the scene of the accident, but later turned herself in to authorities. Though criminal charges may bring the victim and her family a sense of retributive justice, it will not help with the physical, emotional, and financial harm that has befallen them.

This is where legal action may be beneficial. Filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver may lead to the recovery of compensation for damages. To reach this resolution, the victim must prove the driver was acting negligently and the negligence caused the accident. Negligence may be proven by showing intoxication, distraction, or another violation of the law such as speeding or failing to yield.

If a case is won against a distracted driver and awards are received, the victim can use that money to pay off medical expenses and to ease pain and suffering. Such a lawsuit also raises awareness of pedestrian accidents, thus making other motorists more on guard and attentive of those on foot. An individual who has sustained a serious injury in a car crash should seek an attorney who will advise her of what action is in her best interests.

Source: The Salem News, “Woman to be charged in hit-and-run accident,” Jonathan Phelps, Aug. 12, 2013


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