Drunk driver injures pedestrian in Springfield hit and run

Many areas of Massachusetts are pedestrian dense, requiring drivers to be aware of crosswalks and people in intersections. Yet, even lower pedestrian dense areas require attentiveness. A lapse in attention can lead to a serious Car accident. A negligent driver or a distracted driver can slam into a pedestrian and cause serious injury or death. One of these accidents occurred recently in Springfield.

According to reports, a woman slammed into a pedestrian in an intersection while he was trying to cross the street. The woman failed to stop and instead fled the scene. The victim was rushed to the hospital with injuries. A security guard at a nearby retail store noticed a damaged car with an unsteady driver and notified police, who confirmed it was the vehicle seen by witnesses at the time of the accident. The driver was arrested for drunk driving, fleeing the scene of an accident, and driving without a license.

Though criminal punishment may help the victim feel as if justice has been served, such charges do nothing to help him personally. This is where the civil legal system can help. An individual who is injured in a hit and run accident can seek to sue the driver who caused the accident in hopes of recovering damages. These damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

To win a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent, distracted, or drunk driver, the victim must prove the driver was in fact negligent. Proof of intoxication or other law breaking may satisfy this element. Then, if it can be shown the negligence caused the victim’s injuries, the victim may obtain compensation.

A drunk driving accident can create a lot of turmoil in a victim’s life. When dealing with physical, emotional, and financial trauma, an attorney can go a long way in helping the victim feel comfortable going through the legal process. With legal aid, the victim can hopefully obtain the compensation he needs and deserves to pay his bills, move past the accident, and get on with his life again.

Source: The Republican, “Krystal Vega of Springfield arrested after allegedly striking pedestrian, leaving scene,” Dave Canton, Sep. 20, 2013


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