Massachusetts teenager runs stop sign and causes fatal accident

Many Massachusetts residents drive as safely as possible to avoid collisions. Yet, no matter how safe one drives, she cannot change the driving of others. This means a negligent driver can take a safe driver by surprise and cause a serious Car accident. These crashes often cause a debilitating, serious injury or death.

Unfortunately, one of these accidents occurred recently in a Massachusetts town. According to police, a woman ran a stop sign and slammed into another vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle was pronounced dead at the hospital. The errant driver was also injured, but was treated and released from the hospital. She has since been arrested for failing to halt at a stop sign, negligent driving, and motor vehicle homicide.

One who is injured in an accident may have a long physical recovery related to her injuries, which can be exasperated by emotional and financial losses. When the accident is fatal, the deceased’s family can face similar harm. A beloved parent, spouse, sibling, or child may be unexpectedly stripped from the family, leaving it emotionally damaged. Additionally, medical expenses, funeral costs, and lost wages can leave the family in financial trouble.

Perhaps the only way to escape these stressors is to file a lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident. Both injurious and fatal accidents require the victim or her family to prove the defendant was negligent and that negligence caused either the victim’s injuries or death. Evidence of drunkenness and disobeying traffic laws may satisfy the negligence prong. In the case above, for example, if it can be proven the errant driver ran the stop sign and that mistake caused the accident which killed the deceased, then compensation may be obtained.

Damages recoverable from a wrongful death lawsuit can vary. However, they often include compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship. These recoveries may help the family escape undeserved debt while punishing the negligent or distracted driver. Perhaps then the family can move on with a sense of justice.

Source: Telegram & Gazette, “One dead in Webster crash; driver, 18, cited,” Brian Lee, Oct. 18, 2013


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