Drunk driver crosses center line, kills 2 in Massachusetts wreck

Unfortunately, not even the safest drivers are immune from the dangers imposed by a drunk or otherwise negligent driver. These errant motorists place all at risk through their behavior, and can leave several injured or killed in their wake. When this happens, those affected should take note of their legal rights.

This is the case in Massachusetts after two were killed and three were injured in a head-on collision. Police indicate a van crossed the center line of the roadway and struck an oncoming truck. The driver of the truck died as did a girl riding in the van. The driver of the van and two passengers, one in each vehicle, were hurt. Police arrested the driver of the van and charged him with drunken driving and motor vehicle homicide.

While criminal charges may help bring victims and their families a sense of justice, these charges do nothing to help them recover their losses. In order to attempt to recover damages, a car accident victim or his surviving family must bring a lawsuit against the negligent driver who harmed them. If negligence can be shown to have caused the injuries or death, then a case may succeed before a jury. Sometimes a settlement can be reached before the case even goes to trial.

In either situation, a Massachusetts attorney can assist in the fight to obtain compensation. If the case is won and awards are obtained, then the victim or his family may be able to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, and pain and suffering.

When one has been injured by or loses a loved one to a negligent or distracted driver’s error, life can be difficult. The fight to recover damages can also be tough. Fortunately, a Massachusetts attorney can be by a victim or his surviving family’s side to fight for what is right.

Source: Boston.com, “2 dead, 3 injured in Mass. Head-on crash,” Dec. 8, 2013


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