MA driver injured when car rear-ended and slammed into bus

This blog often discusses serious car wrecks that leave individuals with a serious injury or dead. While these accidents are certainly worth discussing and those involved in such crashes should act on their legal rights, even seemingly minor accidents can give rise to significant harm and legal action. It is important for Massachusetts residents to know what they can do when they are injured in a car accident.

To illustrate these instances, one need only look to a recent accident in Upton. There, an individual was injured when the vehicle he or she was driving was rear-ended. Reports indicate the car had come to a stop behind a school bus when another vehicle failed to stop, rear-ending the first vehicle and ramming it into the back of the bus. The injured individual was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

In this case, though the victim appears to have suffered only minor injuries, they could cause pain and suffering, incurred medical expenses and lost wages due to missed work. These minor injuries may also lead to ongoing pain, which may require continual medication to dull. Such a minor accident can therefore cause extensive harm that can leave an individual’s life temporarily, or permanently, affected for the worse.

Fortunately, these individuals can consult with a Massachusetts personal injury attorney to discuss their legal options. One of the options available to these individuals is to file a lawsuit in an attempt to recover their damages. To succeed, a victim must prove a negligent driver was in fact negligent, and that negligence caused the victim’s harm. If a case is settled or won, then compensation may be obtained. An attorney will work hard to hold a negligent or distracted driver accountable so that, hopefully, the victim will be made whole again.

Source: The Milford Daily News, “One injured in accident involving school bus,” Jan. 10, 2014


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