Mother, children injured in Massachusetts pedestrian accident

Massachusetts’ pedestrians have the right of way when they cross the street within a crosswalk. With this in mind, motorists must be on the lookout for these individuals, as they are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries should an accident occur. Not having the protection of helmets, seatbelts or airbags, these pedestrians often end up with brain injuries or worse, dead.

One of these tragic accidents occurred recently in Chicopee. There, a mother and her two children were hit while trying to cross a four-lane roadway. Witnesses at the scene described the one of the children to be around the age of two or three while the other appeared to be one year of age or less. Though the three victims were violently thrown by the vehicle, all are expected to survive. Yet, this does not mean they will fully recover from their injuries. The extent of harm suffered by the victims is unclear at this time as authorities continue to investigate the car accident.

People who are hurt by a distracted driver can face life-altering injuries that affect their physical, emotional and financial well-being. A victim may be left permanently disabled, afraid of motor vehicles, and unable to pay for expensive, much needed medical care. These damages can become overwhelming, causing a victim to become extremely stressed and depressed, wondering how they can get out from under these undeserved difficulties.

Luckily, legal action can be taken in an effort to remedy these wrongs. A lawsuit filed against a negligent driver seeks to recover damages, which may include pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages. This compensation will hopefully allow the victim to regain his or her health while sending a strong message to Massachusetts’ motorists that dangerous driving is unacceptable.

Source: WGGB TV, “Memorial Drive Pedestrian Accident Victims Expected To Live,” Dec. 20, 2013


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