Boston man suffers serious injury after gas station car accident

Car accidents can happen at any time, taking unsuspecting individuals by surprise. This happened recently in Boston when a man pumping gas was pinned between his car and a post after another car hit his vehicle. The victim was stuck for about 10 minutes before he was freed. He was taken to the hospital with serious leg injuries. The errant driver claimed the accident was a mistake as she meant to hit the brake pedal, but instead pushed the gas.

A car accident like this often results in serious injury. When it does, the victim may take legal action against the individual who caused the crash. To win such a case, the victim must either negotiate a settlement with the other side or convince a jury the defendant was negligent. Both paths can be paved with legal complexities, which may be difficult to understand. Obtaining professional help can clarify the issues, and a Massachusetts attorney can serve as a strong advocate.

Winning a case can be life-saving for a car accident victim. He or she may receive compensation for his or her damages, which may mean medical expenses can be paid, pain and suffering can be comforted, and lost wages may be recouped. Freeing one’s self of these bills allows him or her to focus on recovering and moving past the wreck while knowing some sort of justice was achieved.

A distracted or negligent driver can strike at any time and, unfortunately, these drivers plague our roads. One way to help keep these distracted drivers off the road is to hold them accountable for their actions. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is one of the best ways to send the message that those who choose to drive in a dangerous fashion will be punished.

Source:, “Man pinned at Boston gas station in car accident,” Feb. 9, 2014


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