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Massachusetts man hit by retired cop, suffers serious injuries

With the arrival of spring, many Massachusetts residents may find themselves outside more often. Unfortunately, whether one is riding a bike, waking, or jogging, he or she may unknowingly be at risk of being hit by a motor vehicle. Sadly, too many of Massachusetts' drivers are negligent behind the wheel, and when these individuals cause a pedestrian-car accident, the injuries can be severe.

One of these accidents happened recently in Boston, leaving a man in critical condition. The victim was hit in the early morning near an MBTA station by a Mercury Marquis. The driver fled the scene, but the vehicle was later found at an apartment complex. The driver, a retired police officer, was taken into custody on charges related to fleeing the scene of an injurious accident. The victim remains hospitalized, and his injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

It can be extremely difficult for car accident victims to recover from such a tragic event. Not only may their physically injuries leave them forever changed, but victims often have to find a way to pay for the medical care they need. Together, these losses can take an emotional toll, leaving a victim feeling cheated and anxious.

Though criminal charges may help bring these victims a sense of justice, only a civil lawsuit can help them recover their losses. A personal injury attorney can help victims seek to recover their damages by advising and representing them throughout the lawsuit process. A competent attorney will aggressively seek to hold a negligent driver accountable for his or her actions, and will try to recover maximum compensation in the process.

If a lawsuit succeeds against a distracted driver, then a victim may be able to get out of debt by paying off medical expenses and recovering lost wages. Additionally, these victims may find comfort by receiving compensation to ease their pain and suffering. Perhaps then a victim who has suffered a serious injury can divert his or her attention to recovery and moving on with life.

Source: The Boston Herald, "Retired cop accused in hit-run crash in Boston," Laurel J. Sweet, March 19, 2014

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