One dead, two injured in multi-vehicle crash

One of the ways car accident victims get closure after an accident is by identifying the person who caused the crash and then holding them accountable. When the car accident is between two vehicles, it is somewhat easier to identify the negligent party but when there are multiple cars involved, then distributing blame and fault are often tricky-not just for the accident victim but often also for the courts.

This could be the challenge facing investigators as they look into a three-vehicle crash that has left one dead and two drivers injured in Massachusetts. The crash took place in the afternoon and according to some officers, they saw one vehicle speeding down the street right before the crash took place.

Aerial footage was also available, which showed that at least one of the vehicles turned over on its roof and the other two vehicles could be seen further down the road sustaining severe damage. The driver of one of the heavily damaged vehicles died at the scene of the accident while the other two are injured. Cars were detoured from the area as the police worked to reconstruct the accident. According to some reports, one of the drivers could face charges.

Accident reconstruction and eyewitness testimony is essential to make both a criminal and civil case after a car accident takes place and time is often of the essence in dealing with these matters. This means the sooner one is able to begin collecting evidence, the better it is for them in the long run. However, this might be the last thing on an accident victim’s mind or on the to-do list for family members who have just lost a loved one. It might be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney to analyze the case and get their opinion on how to proceed.


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