Automobile-bike crash results in serious injuries

For some, it does not matter how warm or cold it is outside, they will still ride their bicycle. While this mode of transportation could be used for fun, exercise or a primary source of transportation, it is important that cyclists understand how to travel safely on the roads. Even when a person is equipped with the knowledge to ride a bicycle safely on or near a road, this does not protect them from negligent drivers.

A bicycle accident can be a major crash, causing a cyclist to suffer traumatically. An automobile beats a bike in size, weight and speed and, when the two collide, the automobile will win every time. A cyclist could be thrown from the bike, causing serious and life-threatening injuries.

According to recent reports, police are currently investigating a bicycle crash that took place in Lowell. Reports indicate that the man traveling on his bike is in his 20s and suffered serious injuries after a driver struck him with their vehicle. Police also indicated that the vehicle involvedin the crash suffered extensive damages, implying that the bike was struck at a higher speed.

Investigation is still ongoing and no charges have been filed at this time. Once completed, authorities will be able to establish cause and liability. If a negligent driver is at fault in a bike accident, it is possible to hold them accountable through a personal injury action. This legal claim could also help with the recovery of compensation, which could be used to address medical bills, pain and suffering,lost wages and other related damages.

Source:, “Police in Lowell investigating after driver hit bicyclist,” Jan. 28, 2018


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