Woman pinned by vehicle in tragic crash near her building

When a loved one is lost suddenly and through no fault of their own, it is difficult for family members to come to terms with their loss. One way to get closure is to hold the party responsible for causing the car crash accountable. But, when there are multiple vehicles involved in the car accident, it can prove to be challenging, as each party can claim it was the other’s fault.

A multi-vehicle accident crash killed a 32-year-old victim outside her residence in Massachusetts recently. According to her husband, he heard a crash and left his apartment to inspect it, and was stunned when he found his own wife pinned against the wall. When her husband arrived, the driver who struck her was instructed to place the car in neutral, so it could be moved off of her. According to reports, his wife left their residence a while ago to go to a store and was likely walking back when the crash took place.

Witnesses to the crash said they saw a vehicle run a red light and hit another car. The second car lost control and struck the accident victim on the sidewalk, right as she was approaching her building.

The pain, suffering and trauma associated with such an event is unquantifiable, but should be compensated. Even where criminal charges are not being pursued, it might be possible to pursue a civil claim and with the help of an experienced attorney, determine which party is liable for how much of the damage caused. They may be able to speak to witnesses and experts to reconstruct the crash and apportion fault and thus, compensation.


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