Whiplash is a common injury suffered in rear-end crashes

When someone has been injured in a car accident, some of the injuries become apparent immediately. Bruises and broken bones, for example, are identified and receive medical treatment as soon as possible. Other injuries often take days, if not weeks, to manifest and can become chronic if not treated properly.

Whiplash is one of these injuries that often develops over time, though not always. This injury occurs when a person’s head moves backward and then suddenly forward with great force, causing the soft tissues, such as neck muscles and ligaments, to become extended beyond their typical range of motion. This type of injury is common after car accidents, especially rear-end collisions.

Some of the common symptoms of whiplash include headaches, dizziness, constant weariness, and blurred vision. Though not common, whiplash can also result in ringing in the ears, irritability, inability to sleep well, and chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, and head. Though many people try treating their condition with over-the-counter medicine, whiplash can be severe enough to require additional testing and physical therapy for recovery. Untreated, such an injury may result in chronic pain that lasts for years.

Tests, medicines, and therapy are all additional expenses that Indiana residents may not be able to meet, especially when an injury leaves them unable to work and thereby earn a wage. Holding a negligent driver accountable for causing an accident may be one way to recover the compensation one deserves, which may enable him or her to obtain needed medical treatment. An experienced attorney may be able to inform accident victims about their options following a crash and work with them to develop strong legal arguments to support an imposition of liability and the recovery of damages.



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