Crash results in mass-casualty accident, multiple injured

Though driving gives one a sense of power and control over their vehicle, people often relinquish that control in order to simply enjoy the journey or travel together in a large group. Those who go down this route often hire buses to transport them from one location to another and seldom give another thought to the driver of the vehicle — it is assumed that the company responsible for the driver would have vetted him or her and ensured that they would follow traffic rules. When a driver fails to do so, he or she might end up causing a bus or car accident with many injuries, depending on the number of people in the vehicle in question.

A similar event took place in Massachusetts recently, where a school bus carrying 23 occupants, both adults and children, crashed into the woods. The school bus was owned by a company that operates in another state, and was transporting employees of the company, along with their families, to a company trip in Massachusetts. According to state police, the occupants ranged from adults to children and the injuries of all were of varying degrees. It was considered a mass-casualty incident and several ambulances were called in order to transport the victims to hospitals.

According to the police, another vehicle also went off the road in the crash. The 27-year-old driver was arrested for suspicion of operating the vehicle under the influence and negligent operation of a motor vehicle and a marked lane’s violation. The cause of the accident is under investigation as of now.

When someone gets in a vehicle being driven by a person vouched for by a company, they should not have to worry about that person’s driving record. Unfortunately, car accidents, bus and truck crashes do take place and when they do, it is important to determine who the negligent party is that one can hold accountable. An experienced attorney may be able to help accident victims through the legalities of this process.


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