Two killed in wrong-way crash

One of the goals of the Interstate Highway System is increasing the safety of drivers and passengers. The medians on Interstate Highways are intended, among other things, to reduce the incidence of head-on collisions. Unfortunately, the metal railings and grass strips that separate opposite lanes sometimes fail to accomplish their duties. A recent head-on car accident near Lawrence, Massachusetts, demonstrates the tragic results of such failures.

The accident occurred when a southbound Kia crossed the median strip and sideswiped a northbound pickup truck. The driver of the pickup was not injured, but the wrong-way vehicle was not finished causing mayhem. After striking the pickup, the vehicle slammed into a northbound Honda Pilot. After hitting the Pilot, the Kia crashed into a Toyota RAV4 that was carrying two women. The passenger in the Pilot and the driver of the Kia were both killed in the collision. The driver of the Honda was taken by helicopter to a Boston hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the RAV4 and her passenger were taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police arrived on the scene shortly before noon. An investigation of the accident was commenced immediately, but no obvious cause was identified. Police were unwilling to speculate on why the Kia crossed over the median. According to a police spokesman, the investigation into the cause of the accident is still underway.

The injured parties will undoubtedly want to recover damages for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering from the party who was at fault. Likewise, the family of the deceased passenger in the Honda Pilot will seek to recover wrongful death damages. Sorting out issues of fault and liability in a multi-vehicle accident can be a complex undertaking. Anyone who has been injured or lost a loved one under similar circumstances is likely to have similar intentions. A consultation with an experienced accident attorney may be the first essential step to understanding the accident and identifying the party at fault.


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